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Dr Adinarayana is a great travel lover and attributes his knowledge about nature and also his artistic inspirations to have originated during his long walks or travel by foot. He has travelled over 15,000 Kms, in a span of nine years by walk and has plans for many more travel expeditions, by walk. Dr Adinarayana penned down the places he has visited during his walks in the country side. He wrote 'Bhramana Kanksha' (Wanderlust) a Telugu Travelogue. He is presently serving as an Associate Professor at the Department of Fine Arts, Andhra University at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh in India.

Dr M. Adinarayana has started walking expeditions since 1990. He did his first walking in the Himalayan Mountains. Since then enjoyed lot of walks along the coast and through the heart of villages of India. All these travels are done with his own interest, because he loved nature. He is a village loving man; his childhood was spent in rural surroundings. During his travels, he takes rest in the villages those come across along the way.

Gypseelu is a Telugu book authored by Dr.Adinarayana about Gypsy Community spread across the world.

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Smt.Abburi Chaya Devi

ప్ర‌ఖ్యాత ర‌చ‌యిత్రి శ్రీ‌మ‌తి అబ్బూరి ఛాయాదేవి గురించి ఆమె మాట‌ల్లోనే.. ఇక్క‌డ విందాం...

ఇంట‌ర్నెట్‌లో సంపాదించటం ఎలా?

ఆన్‌లైన్‌లో డబ్బు సంపాదించే చట్టబద్ధమైన అవకాశాలు, ఇంట‌ర్నెట్‌లో సంపాదించ‌టం పేరుతో వ‌స్తోన్న మోస‌పూరిత ప‌థ‌కాలు, స్కామ్‌ల‌ గురించి వివ‌రిస్తూ డిజిటల్‌ స్కూల్ తెలుగులో 'ఇంట‌ర్నెట్‌లో డబ్బు సంపాదించటం ఎలా? పుస్త‌కాన్ని ప్ర‌చురించింది.  BUY NOW

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