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Vikasa Dhatri offered more than 160 Telugu eBooks for free download so far. Most of the books are in PDF.  Some books are in Page Flip mode and these can be read online.


Jeevana Sparsha

Jeevana Sparsha Telugu Book  Jeevana Sparsha is a collection of short stories written by Sri Vajha Sita Rama Sarma (Kamalakanth) is now available for free download from Vikasa Dhatri. These stories were published in the popular Telugu magazines during 1970s. This book can be read online or downloaded.




Smt.Abburi Chaya Devi

ప్ర‌ఖ్యాత ర‌చ‌యిత్రి శ్రీ‌మ‌తి అబ్బూరి ఛాయాదేవి గురించి ఆమె మాట‌ల్లోనే.. ఇక్క‌డ విందాం...

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Kamalakanth Telugu WriterKamalakanth

Vajha Sitarama Sarma [Kamalakanth] is a keen observer of socio economic problems of contemporary generation and exploitation of women in particular. He has written several short stories during 1960-1974, published in various Telugu magazines. He has written six books, three novels, one poetry compilation and two story compilations. He retired as Chief Accounts Officer in the office of G M Telecom, Kalyan on 30-04-1998. All the books authored by him are available for free download from Vikasa Dhatri. Read more ....

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